Instant Printing Cost Calculator and Online Print Quote Calculator

We are still loading up our scripts into our new modernized store. We'll be bringing this script back very soon. If you need a customized version, please click here to get a Free Quote for a customized version.

Instant Printing Cost Calculator and Online Print Quote Calculator Script is perfect for printing businesses of all types to provide instant online print quotes.  This script is much like our InstaQuote PHP Script in that it calculates a quote instantly online and prints it to the screen for the site visitor.  However, we've customized this online, instant print pricing software specifically for the printing industry so that printing web sites of all types can use this to provide instant online printing quotes to site visitors.

The DIY (do-it-yourself) Version

If you purchase the do-it-yourself version of this instant online printing quote script, you will receive a responsive, HTML5 coded layout as shown in the Demo below. What you receive is a generic, basic instant quoter designed to serve as a guide to help you develop your own instant quoter rather than starting from scratch. You should possess a firm understanding of HTML and PHP to be able to customize this script for your needs.

Customized Version

If you do not possess HTML and PHP skills, you should contact us to get a customized version of this script. All examples shown below were purchased as customized versions of this script. The most common cost to have this script customized for a small instant quote system, with a low level of difficulty, is $175, which includes our complete customization to match any website, i.e., colors, layout, styles, etc.

Live Sample

Instant Quote Online PHP Script & Quote Generator

Server Requirements

The script will work on any web server running PHP 5+.


Click here to view the demo of what is included with this script.


$50 [script only, you customize]
$175 [script, basic customization, installation]

Basic Customization

Basic Customization includes the complete customization of an instant quoter and installation. We will match the instant quoter to your website, blending the colors and fonts and styles, so that it looks like it is part of your website. This price range includes up to 5 interactive fields for use with the quoter. Anything above 5 interactive fields, will require us to examine your project needs so that we can provide you with an exact price for preparing your quoter.

Website Builders

If you are using a website builder as your website, please read! It would be impossible for us to keep track of all the website builders on the web and what they allow and do not allow you to install on your website. We want to make it clear that if you are using a builder, you will need to make sure you are ABLE to use an advanced script because most website builders do not give you full control of your website. There is a reason website builders are so cheap, because they are just that ... a cheap, low-quality way of building a website which does not allow you the option to use advanced scripting. Please do not email us to ask us if this script will work with your website builder as we do not know.

Terms and Conditions

By purchasing this script you are acknowledging that you possess a good understanding of HTML and PHP, and that you have the ability to use this script as a guideline to develop your own working quoter. You must possess the ability to edit a plain text file and use FTP to upload files. Please make sure to read the requirements listed here for use on your web server as there are no refunds for digital products.

Script Delivery

If you purchase the script only, your script will be emailed to you after payment is confirmed, during normal business hours of Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, central time. If you purchase a customized version of this script, we will contact you during normal business hours to discuss the customization specifics and provide you with a time frame of completion at that time. Please make sure to check your spam folder or junk folder for our email message and declare us as "friendly" so we can communicate with you.

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