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We are long-time custom PHP scripts and custom database developers who also provide custom web design. Our specialty is custom PHP programming, which is all done from-scratch. The owner of this company has been writing, designing and implementing custom databases and custom php scripts for over 25 years. No job is to big nor too small! From conceptualization, through implementation, our development team has the right mix of resources to help you reach your technology goals.

The success of any business depends on defining and executing proper business processes. Script Store develops dynamic, web-based software applications that automate business processes and allow efficient communications between employees, partners and customers. We utilize the latest development technologies in PHP and MySQL to design custom, database-driven web software applications to meet your unique requirements. Custom database development is one of our specialties.

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  • Instant Quote module
  • Login Area add-on for existing website
  • Events Lister
  • Member Listing Area
  • Real Estate Listing Area
  • Raffle Tickets and Management Area
  • Recipe Lister Website
  • ... and any other custom script or module desired

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Custom Database Development

A database is a collection of data which is organized for rapid search and retrieval. Custom database development is considered a complex task, only performed by advanced programmers who have the skills to build one from-scratch, and all the necessary data manipulation modules that are used for the database such as updating it.

As a custom database developer, it is important to fully understand how databases work. Database information is stored in rows, columns and tables, and indexed for quick retrieval of information. Data can be updated and deleted as needed. Databases process workloads to create and update themselves, are multi-tasking, allow for querying of the data they contain and applications can be run against the data that is stored.

Database development began in the 1960's and has exploded since ... from desktop databases to cloud databases. Databases are very useful tools for small companies to large companies. Selecting the right custom database developer is very important as manipulation of your data is very important, as well as making sure it is backed up in case of an unforeseen hack attack or server failure. We are professionals in custom database development and stand ready to help you with your project.

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