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We have been providing custom programming for 30+ years

Script Store is a place where website owners can purchase ready-made PHP scripts for installation on their already established website. Website owners can also request a Free Quote for custom php scripts, custom database development and custom web design.

We have worked on thousands of websites through the years that extend across the globe. We provide each of our clients the custom solutions they desire to bring their custom PHP development projects to life. A very few of the types of websites on which we have worked are:

  • eCommerce Websites
  • Stock Trading Company Websites
  • Sports Websites
  • Non-Profit Websites
  • Club and Organization Websites
  • Restaurant Websites
  • Manufacturing Websites
  • ... and more ... all custom, and from-scratch!

Script Store is not a cookie-cutter provider, in that we provide 100% custom php scripts, we are custom database developers, and we provide custom web design. We do not use frameworks (a low quality, handicapped method of building websites that inexperienced and uneducated programmers use) to develop our projects and coding. We code 100% from-scratch ... the highest quality coding available on the planet.

Please click here to let us know what your PHP development needs are and we will provide you with a Free Quote on getting your project started.

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Script Store is a website where you can purchase PHP scripts for installation to your website. We offer Free Quotes for custom PHP scripts. We are specialists in custom database development and custom PHP scripts. But, we are also long-time custom web designers.

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Script Store is a subsidiary of Purr-fect Creations